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We value our customers, give us the opportunity to earn your business and grow with us. Our store was established in 1982 by world renown phychic Jan Ross and has been responsible for providing outstanding service ever since. Jan and the store always provided customers with friendly service and a knowlegeable environment.  Our specialty is in the area Metaphysics, New Age and Religions of the world. Our store is located in sunny Phoenix Arizona so if you happen to be on vacation or live in the area please come in and see us!

 A Little Bit of Our History

 Jan Ross New Age Books & Gifts was a dream that Jan Ross had since she was a young woman. Jan Ross dedicated her entire life to taking care of her family and the needs of every person she ever met. Our first store was started in the early 1980's by Jan and her husband Gus and was located at 35th and Thunderbird in Phoenix. The first store was quite small but had a great impact on the community.We were one of the "New Age Pioneers" in Phoenix back then and Jan did psychic work for several agencies around the country and gave her predictions on world affairs regularly in the newspapers, radio and TV. We had a little space for readers to come in on the weekends and do readings for the customers, and offered a good selection of New Age books and gifts as well. In the early 80's we were voted "Best Of" by the New Times! 

By the Mid 1980's the store moved to 35th ave. and Bethany in Phoenix. This store was quite a bit bigger. We had a huge auditorium that we held our first full psychic fair in. We held all sorts of lectures, author events, Mufon (a UFO group) used to hold their monthly meetings there, Max the crystal skull used to come and visit and we had a huge store-front full of producrts ranging from a-z.  Jan had a radio show on KFYI for five and a half (51/2) years while at this location called the "Jan Ross Talkshow".  Jan interviewed famous people from around the world and alot of our local pcychics, practitioners, healers and many more. We have many of the original cassette tapes from the tapings and scrapbooks available at the store.  We enjoyed this location for over 9 years and were sorry to have to leave there but, the plaza was sold and so it was to move on.

We moved a little further North to 35th ave. and Glendale. This store was considerably smaller but we made ends meet. We still offered readings and Jan had a few unforseen... changes in her life and began doing readings in the store as well. Jan would often say, "The Mind is your destiny. What you make of it is where you're going and what you're going to be." So She just took things in stride and now we were in location three.

Nothing could stop Jan and her work. On the beginning of 2002, Jan found out that she had a malignant metastatic carcinoma with no primary in her right femur. Even in the hospital Jan wouldn't stop her healing. Jan went down to the emergency to do a healing on a boy named Tyler that had been stabbed. His mother was a friend of a friend Robin. Jan left her hospital bed to go see him. They told his parents and Jan that he wouldn't make but, She did her healing and he left the hospital before she did.Jan underwent surgery to put a rod in her femur and had radiation and did quite well for over a year. Unfortunately, September 28th, 2003 Jan Ross, beloved daughter, mother, sister, grandma and friend reunited with her father in spirit and the world became a little less of a full place. We will miss her dearly but celebrate her life daily.

A New Beginning:

In February 2004 we closed the last location of the previously owned and operated Jan Ross New Age Books & Gifts Store. On June 4th 2004 I, Janet Cromer-Vincent with my husband Rick and our families opened in memorum to Jan Ross (my Mother) our current location here one mile west and 5 miles north of Jans last store. We look forward to reliving moments with those of you that knew Jan and or visited the old locations, and to making new memories in our new store Namaste Mom... Namaste to you all.....