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JAN ROSS JUNE 2019 Class & Event Schedule Pre-registrations is required in most cases so come in to reserve your spot or call 602-841-4933 and we will take payment on the phone and have your ticket waiting.

PSYCHIC FAIR WEEKEND SATURDAY & SUNDAY JUNE 1ST & 2ND 10AM-5PM Psychic Fair Weekend is the only time of the month when all of our staff psychic readers are available for readings at the same time. We will have Free Reiki Share on Saturday from 1:30pm to 3:00pm, Reiki Sessions available both days; Henna Tattoos available on Saturday Only , Free Samples and demonstrations and we also have store wide sales and specials for you to take advantage of throughout the weekend too!
TUESDAY MESSAGE NIGHT W/JANET CROMER-VINCENT, COST: $12.00 ($2.00 CASH DISCOUNT). JUNE 4TH, 11TH, 18TH, 25TH 6:30PM-8:00PM. Bring your questions; get your answers. Message Night consists of a 30-45 minute lecture on different topics in Metaphysics, Spirituality and other topics. Janet then opens up the floor for individuals to ask psychic questions. We then wind things down with some jokes and close with a drawing for a FREE gift. This is an enjoyable class for people of all ages, come and try it out. Pre-registration is not necessary for this class but attendees must be registered prior to class. BEGINNING

TAROT CLASS W/MARY SATURDAY JUNE 29TH 10:30AM-4:30pm with a small break. COST: $102.00 ($2.00 cash discount) (WHICH INCLUDES HANDOUTS AND 20% OFF A NEW DECK OF CARDS OR YOU MAY BRING YOUR OWN). In this introductory class we will overview the history of Tarot, the principles from which the Tarot was created and review the 78 cards which constitute both the Major and Minor Arcana. We will explore how the Tarot is used as a system for divination by working with and practicing tarot spreads and learning how to begin to use your intuition while reading with the cards. Come and join us. Pre-registration is required for supplies and class must have at least 2 students.

"FREE REIKI SHARE" W/ REIKI MASTERS RUSSELLE, JENISE, PATTY, MANNY AND OTHERS, THE FIRST (1ST) AND (3RD) SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH: SATURDAY JUNE 1ST & SATURDAY 15TH 1:30PM-3:00PM. MUST BE SIGNED IN PRIOR TO START TIME TO AVOID INTERRUPTION. COST: $FREE! Love donation to cover overhead if you'd like is appreciated. Reiki Share is for everyone that wants to reap the benefits from this divine energy healing. Whether you are a practitioner or someone that just needs a little energy, this is for YOU! If you have a loved one who is ill or going through a difficult time, feel free to call in to the store and have their name added for the Reiki Share. Each participant will receive a short Reiki treatment and chakra clearing session and our practitioners will also be sending long distance healing to your loved ones. Pre-registration suggested but not necessary. Wear comfortable clothing.

REIKI HEALING TREATMENTS AND CHAKRA CLEARINGS W/REIKI MASTERS RUSSELLE MANNY, MARGET, AND OTHERS; MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 10AM - 7PM SATURDAY & SUNDAY 10AM-5PM. (WALK-INS AND APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE CALL STORE FOR INFO.) COST: $32.00 FOR 30 MINUTES or $57.00 FOR 60 MINUTES ($2.00 CASH DISCOUNT). The intention of Reiki is to help you achieve your highest self. Reiki is a healing energy that is channeled from the divine through the practitioner to you. Reiki assists in aligning the chakras energy systems, reducing stress, relaxation and soothing individuals. It works on all levels; mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Reiki heals by using positive energy to clear the energy pathways and raise the vibration of the person's energy field. When this energy is flowing through the body freely, a person will be balanced and healthy. Walk-ins are welcome no pre-registration necessary. All ages are welcome too.

MONDAY GUIDED MEDITATION FOCUSING ON YOUR INNER CHILD W/JANET MONDAY JUNE 17TH 6:00PM-7:30PM COST: $17.00 ($2.00 cash discount). Come join me for a relaxing evening. Participants will learn about the benefits of meditation and how it and guided meditation can take you away from some of the stresses in your life and to eliminate some of them with consistency and practice. I will show you how it can promote health and wellness. During this session we will have a brief discussion about the different methods for achieving a meditative state, breathing techniques for relaxation and then I will lead the meditation using visualization and imagery to bring up your inner child and work out any issues you may be struggling with and do some healing on those issues. When your inner child is content you naturally feel better and can allow yourself to go with the flow. Afterward we will have Q&A period to share what everyone experienced. Wear comfortable clothing; you can bring a pillow, your own yoga mat and or eye cover. We will have them available to use during event.

CRYSTAL WIRE WRAPPING FOR BEGINNERS W/JENISE MONDAY JUNE 24TH 6:00PM - 8:00PM COST: $48.00 ($2.00 CASH DISCOUNT). All Materials Included: Wire, 1 healing crystal, 1 chain or a leather or silk cord for their finished pendant. In this workshop students will be learning how to wrap a healing crystal into a pendant using free-form wire wrapping techniques for their first project. These techniques include binding wire, straightening wire, bending wire, creating loops, swirls, and curls. A variety of healing crystals will be available to choose from for each pendant, and a small card with the crystal's healing attributes. All tools will be provided on loan during workshop. Extra kits will be available for purchase. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED; SEATING IS LIMITED TO GUARANTEE SEAT AND SUPPLIES.                                                                                                                                                

REIKI LEVEL I CERTIFICATION CLASS W/REIKI MASTER TEACHER RUSSELLE, SUNDAY JUNE 30TH 10:30AM - 4:30PM WITH A SHORT BREAK FOR LUNCH. SPECIAL OFFER: PAY FOR ONE REGISTRATION AND SAVE 25% OFF A SECOND ONE. COST: $132.00 ($2.00 CASH DISCOUNT). Learn to heal yourself and your friends & family. Class includes: The Reiki I Usui Attunement, Reiki I Usui Manual consisting of Reiki principles and basic practices, hand positions, and tips for using the Reiki energy. There will be interactive discussion and ample room for questions, demonstrations on basic hands-on and off-the-body techniques and practice treatments. Reiki I Certificate will be awarded upon completion of class and certification requirements. Requirements: Completion of class materials and worksheets, Reiki Level I Attunements and hands-on practice with supervision of instructor. PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR MATERIALS TO BE PREPARED AND CERTIFICATES TO BE FILLED OUT WITH STUDENTS PROPER INFORMATION.

REIKI LEVEL II CERTIFICATION CLASS W/REIKI MASTER TEACHER RUSSELLE. TWO DAY CLASS (NO REIKI II IN JUNE NEXT CLASS WILL BE SATURDAY & SUNDAY JULY 20TH & 21ST 10:30AM-4:30PM). COST $227.00 ($2.00 cash discount). SPECIAL OFFER: BUY ONE GET ONE 25% OFF REGISTRATION). In this two day class; students will learn the names and forms of the Reiki symbols and how to use them. Participants will also learn meditation techniques to help ground them prior to doing Reiki on themselves and or clients, and we will offer an introduction to business practices. There will be interactive discussion and ample room for questions, demonstrations on basic hands-on and off-the-body techniques and practice treatments. Prerequisites for certification: Reiki level I completion and a short internship that will be arranged during class with instructor. PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR CERTIFICATES AND MATERIALS and there are required materials that will be handed out upon registration for students to review prior to class.